Bounty & donations


django-terms was originally developed for a french website, Criminocorpus. Now that it is finished, I don’t have credits to continue development on django-terms.

Maybe you want a new feature in django-terms but don’t want to code anything. First, open an issue on github so that we can publicly decide whether it’s a desirable feature. Then send me an email to privately discuss the cost of such a demand.

No donations…

I don’t accept donations for the time being.

Others would ask for donations in such cases, but in my opinion that would be quite dishonest because:

  • I’ve been paid to develop something that became django-terms, even though I was not supposed to make it open source, nor to make docs and tests.
  • I’m not a street mime, I can’t develop properly on the basis of a few bucks donated from time to time.
  • I don’t believe in Santa Claus.

If you’re still willing to help with money, see the next paragraph.

…but you can still help

The obvious help is to contribute to the code.

If you’re really willing to help but you can’t code, you can send me an email to say that you like django-terms, that’s always heartwarming :)

If you want to help me with money, please donate to PyPy (especially STM/AME). I’m not part of it, but that’s an awesome project that probably is the future of Python. It’s Python, but way faster. In a few years, maybe PyPy will become the main Python implementation, as was attempted with Unladen Swallow. Then django-terms will probably be much faster.